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Organic Crops Trading

US imports of agricultural products from Turkey totaled over $900 million in 2019

Turkey’s vital agricultural resources that make it favorable for farming include water, land, and climate. About half of the farmland and population of the country are employed in this industry. This statistic has led Turkey to be ranked as the first in the EU and among the top ten agricultural economies globally. Also, the country’s strategic location provides a convenient trade route, especially to European nations, North Africa, and the Middle East.

At Sam Group, we have a significant position globally in trading gum arabic, cotton, hibiscus, sesame, groundnuts, sugar, and sorghum. Turkey is also fast growing into a leading tourist destination giving rise to opportunities for US exporters in the Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional (HRI) sector.

The textile, food processing, and poultry sectors are also rapidly growing and have substantially boosted imports and exports over the last decade. Since Turkey is a complex market for agricultural products, having a reliable partner in the region is essential for anyone who wants to do business here. As an established player in this dynamic market, we offer expert market knowledge to add value to our trading partner’s business.

We import & export a range of organic crops.

We Import-export a range of organic crops
Gum Arabic
spoon of healthy sesame seeds on sesame seeds background
Branch of cotton on brown textile background
Closeup of sugarcane plants growing at field
Raw White Sorghum grain on a wooden table
Ground nuts

Turkish Commodities Trading

Textile and apparel
Shoes and bags
Knitted and crocheted goods
Dried fruit and nuts
Dried fruit and nuts
Industrial machines
Household utensils
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