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General trading of Turkish Food productsFood & Beverages

Bridging the gap between world-class brands and the local markets.

Our F&B team has over a decade of success in procuring and distributing high-quality global products into the local and global markets. This is possible only through stringent quality control practices while selecting suppliers. Every single product in our F&B portfolio is individually assessed, tested and stored to ensure that its freshness is preserved right until it reaches the end-user

Our excellent logistics department makes this smooth transfer of products possible. The meticulousness of our process is a vital ingredient in the reputation Sam Group has gained as a leading trading company.

General trading of Turkish Food products (wholesale and retail distribution)

Olives,  olive oil and olives leaves on a white background
Bowl of tahini
Sesame Tahini Paste
Fresh thyme in olive wooden bowl on wooden background
Pomegranate Molasses
apple vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
Falafel deep-fried balls made from chopped legumes or chickpeas
Falafel Mixture
Rosemary breadsticks with ingredients
Breadstick Crackers
Middle eastern, arab sweet pastry baklava, different delights, dried dates, pistachios, honey on a dark rusty background. Selective focus. Ramadan, Eid concept.
Arabic Sweets
Turkish delight close up
Turkish Delight
Dried apricots, old wooden background, selective focus
Dried Apricot Paste
Ghee or clarified butter in a jar

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